Why We Choose Original Dell Laptops Ac Power Adapter

If you are looking for Dell original ac adapter then first thing keep in mind, Dell original ac adapter comes in the Dell original packing with their order number ( Written on Dell Box ) from which Dell will give you the warranty against that order number. It is not easy to choose right ac adapter for your Dell Laptops,

There are such things to understand  which helps to find your Requirement

First We See The Video of  Dell Original Ac Adapter

Now The Things to Follow

1.   Check Proper Voltage

To check the power voltage of your dell adapter, first see at the bottom of your laptop, is there any sticker fixed with this information like 19.5V, V for Voltage, if you are unable to see this information at the bottom of your laptop then don’t worry , there is another option, Take your old charger or faulty adapter, check the sticker of your dell adapter, is there any information about OUTPUT = 19.5V like this, if it is same then go to second step.

2.   Check Proper Current

Secondly you please check the Output Current of your Dell Laptop Ac Adapter, It is also mention on your old adapter or faulty adapter, for example like Output = 19.5V, 3.34A or 4.62A , A stands for Ampere ( It is a unit of Current ) , Match this current and voltage with your old or faulty ac adapter, if it is same then follow third step.

3.   Check Proper Watt

Check the watt power of your Dell laptop adapter, There are two types of Dell adapter in our market, First is 65Watt adapter & the other is 90Watt. How to calculate the watt Example :- Dell 65Watt = 19.5V x 3.34A ( The multiple of Voltage and Current equal to watt ), Dell 90Watt = 19.5V, 4.62A ( The multiple of Voltage & Current is equal to watt ), If you match these three option then follow the last step.

4.   Check the Size of Connector Pin

The connector pin of your Dell Laptop Adapter is very important role, Please match your connector size which is mention on your Old or Faulty Dell Laptop Adapter sticker. It is written like that “Connector: 7.4mm*5.0mm , Match this connector size with your faulty or old adapter. These four steps are basic steps to choose right Ac Adapter for your Dell Notebooks & Laptops.

There is another option to match the part number of your ac adapter which is also mention on adapter sticker, but there are lot of part number for particular Dell Adapter, so The Dell not mention all part numbers on their Original Chargers, So don’t be confused, Follow these 4 steps and Get your Right Ac Adapter for your Dell Notebooks & Laptops.

Don’t use cheap compatible Ac Adapter for your Dell Laptops, They are cheap quality products, it harms on your laptop battery, Always use Original Dell Products with Original Dell warranty.


How to Protect Laptop From Overheating.

Follow These 5 Tips

1.Please Shutdown your Notebooks & Laptops before placing it in your Carrying Bag.









2.Unplug the Laptop Charger If the battery is fully charged.











3.If your Laptop is already overheat then use Cooling Pad.












4.Use Flat surface area to work on your Laptops like table,Don’t use on bed.











5.Protect Your Laptop From Dust, Use Skins for Your Laptop Keyboard & Screen, Dust Can harm your laptop heat sink fan.

How to Increase your Laptop Battery Backup?

TIPS to Increase the Backup of your  Laptop Battery.

Follow These Steps, Which helps you to grow  the life of your Laptop Battery.

 1.  Do not Charged continuously for long time period.

2. Clean the contacts of your Laptop Battery. 

3.  Avoid to use your Laptop on Bed.

4. To increase the Battery performance keep your Laptop Battery healthy by fully charging & discharging it at 10% Regularly.

Choose Power Saver Option

5. Choose Power Saver plan from your Windows Control Panel settings.

By Following these simple & Easy five steps your Battery can sustain for a long time period with no complaints.

Replacement For New Laptop Screen

Replacement For Laptop Screen
Laptop screen is the output device of the laptop as a monitor in the computer.

Problem in the laptop screen can be seen as a result offollowing :
  • No Display
  • Half Display
  • Colored Lining
  • Breakage of LCD 

We must keep following things in mind before replacing yourdisplay:
1.       Firstly, get to know whether your laptop     have a LCD or LED.
2.       Secondly, be sure that it is a problem of LCD or LCD cable
3.       Thirdly, the correct size of your Laptop screen.
Steps to Replace Screen

Replacement for Laptop LCD Flex Cable

Replacement for Laptop LCD Flex Cable

What is LCD Flex Cable ?
LCD Flex Cable:- Laptop LCD Flex Cable is used to connect LCD screen with Motherboards, Hidden behind the LCD screen.


HP Pavillion Laptop LCD Flex Cables @ Rs 1250/- Only

Due to failure of Laptop Flex Cable
1. Image on the screen becomes dim.
2. Screen flickering.
3. Laptop screen gets very dark.
There will be no display if the cable is faulty

These Cables not so costly in our market but the service charges to fit it very high.

Buy All Branded Laptop LCD Flex Cables at Rs 1250/- Only


Replace your LCD Flex Cable& Lighting up your screen.

Why Laptop LCD Screen Inverter is needed to be replaced ?

Why  Laptop LCD Screen Inverter is needed to be replaced ?
LCD Inverter :- Liquid Crystal Display Inverter is a laptop computer component which is used to supply the power to the Laptop LCD Screen, it enables users to view what is on the Laptop screen.
Laptop LCD Inverter

Price at – Rs 1150/- Only

Do to failure of laptop LCD Inverter ( Back Light Lamp Failure) :
1.The image on the screen becomes dim.
2.Screen starts flickering.
3.The Laptop Screen gets very dark.
Here you find the Laptop LCD Inverter in Laptop.
These LCD Inverters are used only  for Laptop LCD not for LED Screens.

Replace your LCD Inverter to Lighten up your laptop LCD screens.

Laptop Hinges Repair & Servicing.

Our Laptop screens stands on Laptop Hinges, if our laptop hinges are loose then the Screens bends immediately, Some times our laptop screen panel ( Back cover) broken cause of laptop hinges,
These laptop hinges are not so costly in market,

There are two types of hinges for all Brands Like, HP, DELL, COMPAQ, LENOVO, ACER etc.Original Laptop hinges and Brass making Hinges

AT Rs 1350/- ( Pair Left & Right)

Original Hinges are easy to fit in our laptops, they protect our laptop from broken and they have good life, Compatible Brass make hinges are not so good for our laptops and notebooks, so always use original hinges. Brass make hinges are so cheap, they don’t have good life.

Good Luck
Harmandeep Singh
KC Laptop Care Centre